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Individual Property Risk Report

Every Individual Property Risk Report reviews where you want to buy, what property you want to buy, when you want to buy and when you plan to sell, using our advanced algorithm for an in-depth assessment.

Just follow the 4 steps below for a detailed and comprehensive analysis of capital growth, equity risk, rental cashflow risk, suburb key indicators and future return projections.

Research - backed
Data driven
Your Individual Property Risk Report

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Be Risk Aware

Whats in the report?

  • Equity Risk
    Using data from the Reserve Bank, Australian Bureau of Statistics & CoreLogic, we assess the capital growth potential for individual properties and suburbs.
  • Cash-Flow Risk
    We assess the likelihood that an individual property or suburb will deliver poor rental returns. We incorporate micro and macro-economic data into our analytical models.
  • Oversupply risk
    We assess the number of new dwellings that is expected to be added to the existing number of dwellings in the area. High oversupply risk typically results in poor capital growth and a weak rental return. Such information should be at the forefront of every investment property purchasing decision.

Make Smarter Decisions

Who are the reports for?

Investors & Home Buyers

  • Focus your search on specific areas.
  • Make informed investment decisions.
  • Get an objective perspective.
  • Get to know the area before investing in it.
  • Get RISK BASED RETURN information.

Property Professionals

  • Have a smart competitive advantage.
  • Give added value to your customers.
  • Enhance your professionalism.
  • Stay up to date with the latest market information.


What is RiskWise?
We are redefining risk management with our independent research of the Australian property market. Using our advanced algorithm, RiskWise reviews equity & cash flow risk, helping our clients make informed property decisions.

What payment options do you accept?
We accept Visa, Amex and MasterCard.

What are the packages offered?
You can purchase one off report or use our packaging offering. For our packaging offer you would need to register.

I am a property professional and I have my own research team, how can RiskWise Property Research help me?
RiskWise adds value to your existing research by:
  • Assessing the risks and the projected returns. We are the first service in Australia to provide risk assessments and projected returns for individual properties, developments and suburbs across Australia
  • Increasing your research depth. We gather information from many sources and perform fundamental analysis.
  • Lowering your costs. We use an advanced algorithm to deliver results in a very cost-effective manner.
  • Providing a time efficient service. Our turn-around time is fast.
  • Our custom-made reports are provided within 72 hours.

What will I find on the reports?
The result is a system generated comprehensive risk profiles on the individual property. You will receive quantitate and qualitative data relating to the selected property and suburb.

If you need a commercial license or more than one license please contact us at

Does RiskWise Property Research take into consideration micro and macro-economic factors and how detailed are they in your custom-made reports?
RiskWise Property Research always considers micro and macro-economic factors. The level of details depends on the client's requirements.

Most of our clients prefer to 'keep it simple' and request only high level comments regarding these factors. Obviously, we can provide greater analytical depth depending on client demands.

Contact us at

I need extensive research undertaken for me, can RiskWise Property Research provide this service?
Absolutely. Our team is very experienced with a strong background in the largest financial services companies in the country. We perform complex research to address our clients’ needs.

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