Trusted research key to peace of mind

Trusted research key to peace of mind
Independent data analysis from a trusted research house is essential for peace of mind, says buyers’ agent Josh Masters. 
The Buyside CEO and founder says the company has been using reports created by RiskWise Property Research since August last year. 
Prior to that the agency would buy research reports off a number of different companies as well as create its own reports from data received. 
“I heard about Riskwise through one of my agents and sat down with CEO Doron Peleg to talk about what he was offering, where he got his data and also his background,” Mr Masters says.  
“We had a number of meetings to really establish we were on the same page about what we were looking for. 
We had been creating our own reports up to that point, but it was very labour and time intensive.” 
Mr Masters says now they have a template that is used for everything Buyside does. 
Doron has a very special skillset with a background in finance and data analysing. We simply didn’t have that skillset in-house and I was aware of those limitations,” he says. 
“Also, I was aware of the constraints of the data sets we received on a retail level compared to what he could access on an institutional level. And he had other data we simply couldn’t access at all.” 
Mr Masters describes RiskWise as an obvious choice given its very competitive price point and accuracy in sourcing and analysis. 
For this reason, he says the trust level is high. 
“I am a lot more confident knowing we have an independent third party who can verify the detail we like to go into with our clients,” Mr Masters says.   
“We are not the experts and it makes far more sense to outsource that skill so we can keep doing what we do best which is buying properties for our clients. It gives everyone internally, as well as our clients, a lot more peace of mind.