Are Your Struggling With Your Property Decisions

Are Your Struggling With Your Property Decisions
Homebuyers and investors often feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting messages from property professionals.
It can be baffling and bewildering for the uninitiated, and even those who do know what they are doing can still be the victims of conflicting messages. So, if you’re ready to move forward with your property goals but are unsure what the next step is, how can you make informed, more efficient decisions?
It’s important to distinguish between property spruikers and competent buyers’ agents when buying an investment property. Failing to do so may result in trusting the wrong people and could cost tens of thousands of dollars – and the impact could last for years.
When owner-occupiers or investors sell their properties, they almost always use a sellers’ agent. The standard commission is 2-3%, and on top of that, thousands of dollars are required for a marketing campaign.
On the flip side, only a handful of those looking for property use buyers’ agents, even though a good one can help investors source top-quality properties with strong projected returns.
The recommendations made by various property professionals are often completely different and conflicting. In addition, there is often no independent validation and it can be unclear who the mysterious ‘research team’ is and what their qualifications are. On top of that, just to complicate matters, the research itself may be confusing to interpret.
As a result, many buyers decide to go it alone while continuing on their property investment journey …  and, regrettably, at this point they may be so overwhelmed, they decide not to buy anything at all.
As Australia’s most innovative, and importantly, independent, research company, RiskWise Property Research has created a new algorithm to address this lack of clarity. It is able to provide custom-made reports which include risk assessments on individual properties as well as their projected returns. RiskWise is also able to validate assessments made by property professionals, such as developers.
All this adds up to property decisions made easy, with no confusion, sound buying strategies and strong returns on investments.