Revolutionary new research algorithm will change the way you buy property

Revolutionary new research algorithm will change the way you buy property
Buyers keen to glimpse the long-term risk-or-reward of a property can now instantly receive a comprehensive analysis report that measures current and historical data and dozens of variables against a broad range of risk factors, ultimately scoring the property’s risk potential from minimal to high.
This gives buyers and industry insiders the ability to weigh up the overall risk of the property against their own risk profile and their purchasing strategy – and avoid properties that send up a red flag.
The information in the comprehensive report is unbiased and independent, covering all factors including location, suburb, population and economic trends, rental returns, property type comparisons and even capital growth forecasts for the long and the short term, for any property in Australia.
The innovative algorithm used to generate the analysis reports was designed by Riskwise Property Review to ‘fill in the blanks’ when considering a potential property for purchase or development.
“We wanted to develop a service that gave investors and experts in the industry a way to take complex variables and turn it into a simple but accurate ‘whole picture’,” says Doron Peleg, founder of RiskWise Property Review.
“The reports give buyers a chance to look through the myriad of advice given to them about property and see the genuine figures and numbers on paper from a risk-based perspective.
”The analysis risk reports can be obtained on the RiskWise Property Research website by simply entering in an address or suburb.
“We’ve designed the service to be inexpensive and accessible to everyone, from first time homebuyers to mortgage brokers and property developers,” explains Mr Peleg. “The new insight provided by these reports is revolutionising the way we assess risk on properties, the due diligence process and ultimately, our buying behaviour.
”RiskWise Property Research’s comprehensive risk assessments will also help lenders to better assess the risks associated with residential lending and empower advisors in the financial and property sector’s to provide more accurate and effective client service.
In addition to the risk analysis reports, information-seekers can request custom reports from the RiskWise team of analysts and property market experts.
“When you provide us with some basic criteria, we can use our analysis algorithm to determine the suburbs and property types that match the outcomes you’re looking for,” Mr Peleg explains.
The insights provided by RiskWise are giving the real estate industry a firm push into the future, by equipping property investors with risk management tools that have been lacking in the property sector for many decades.
RiskWise Property Research’s website also provides other free tools, including calculators for determining financial position, cash flow on a property, capital investment profit and a stress test calculator.
In addition, RiskWise Property Research has developed in-depth and unbiased analysis reports detailing off-the-plan risk factors, and provide ‘Buy, Build and Flip’ insight reports specifically for developers.
With all this new analysis technology available, Australian investors now find themselves in a new and stronger position – one where the power of knowledge and risk management is finally in their own hands.