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About us

At RiskWise Property Research we believe in making property investment decisions based on informed risk assessments. Our goal is to provide private investors, home buyers and institutional clients, including lenders and mortgage loan insurers, with detailed risk information to support smarter decision making.

That’s why we have created a unique and unprecedented financial risk algorithm that analyses multiple risk factors. A tailored, forward-looking and detailed risk rating report is then created for the individual property being assessed.

We have over 80 years’ combined experience across risk management, leading edge technology development and business management to deliver the very latest in property risk assessments. This enables all our clients to make insightful, informed and educated decisions.

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Why We Created RiskWise
Property Research

Over 555,000 residential properties are bought in Australia each year with over 35% of these being investment properties. Yet property investing is the second most common reason that Australians lose money*.

We have seen that many private property investors and home, buyers want to invest in property and ‘live the dream’, but are often not necessarily informed enough about the risks that come with it due to:

  • The sheer volume of investment articles providing conflicting advice.
  • Interested parties such as real estate agents and developers providing biased advice.
  • Existing property reports only focusing on current or past market values, data or conditions.

In addition, institutional lenders and loan mortgage insurance companies often fail to accurately assess the future risk of property values plummeting, as forward projection models do not currently exist. As demonstrated in the mining towns of Queensland such as Gladstone.

All these elements make it very difficult to achieve an objective forward-looking property risk assessment.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in property risk rating assessments helping our clients to achieve deeper risk insights so they can make smarter property investment decisions.

  • Excellence - we are experts and risk professionals, we always strive to deliver an excellent outcome to our clients. Our motto is: "Do It Right First Time".
  • Trust - we are trusted, unbiased and independent.
  • Clarity - we are clear and easy to understand.
  • Innovation – we live to be innovative in everything we do.
  • Team-work - we believe in one team, working with strategic partners who are all at the top of their field nationally.