Terms and Conditions

Permitted Purpose – Individuals, Sole Traders and Small Corporates

  1. The Customer may only use this report if he is:
    • An individual;
    • or a sole trader;
    • or a corporate with up to three total staff members
  2. If the Customer does not meet the criteria set in sec 1.1(a) – 1.1(c) above, then he must not use this report for commercial purposes without purchasing the Corporate Pack from RiskWise Property Research from our website (https://riskwiseproperty.com.au/ContactRequests/Create), based on the size of the Corporate.
  3. The Customer may only use this report as the basis:
    • for assisting himself in his personal (i.e. not commercial) property market research;
    • for assisting in its internal property market research for commercial purposes;
    • for reviewing data and / or information regarding the property market obtained from an independent source of information for quality purposes;
  4. This report and any section of this report, must not be published or provided to any third party except with the prior written consent of RiskWise Property Research.
  5. The customer must not provide any reference and / or attribute any conclusions drawn from this report in any way that may damage the reputation or goodwill of RiskWise Property Research, alter the meaning of the content of this report, or otherwise mislead any person who receives any information that is included in this report.
  6. When purchasing packaged Individual Property Risk Reports, the customer may download the reports up to the quantity purchased. Once the download limit is reached, the customer must purchase a new package or a one-off report.