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IN-Depth risk reports for smarter property decisions

We are creating a revolution in property investment risk assessment! Using advanced technology RiskWise reviews equity risk, rental return, cashflow and future capital growth for In-depth risk reports to help you make better property decisions on specific properties.

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When it comes to off-the-plan investments, it's not all about the project ...
Make sure you invest in the RIGHT suburb, property type, and configuration
Our 'best and worst off-the-plan suburbs' reports are first of their kinds. They are fully independent and unbiased research-backed set of reports.

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Our next report 'top suburbs to invest in existing properties' will be made available soon. Make sure to register your details so we could let you know once it out.


Aug 11, 2017
Ground-breaking new research has discovered how high interest rates need to go before investors retreat from the market
by: Editorial
Aug 07, 2017
There are risks associated with the suburb and risks that are associated with the specific property.
by: Doron Peleg
Aug 07, 2017
Homebuyers and investors who focus solely on the median dwelling price are missing out, as it’s the price per square metre that remains one of the key factors tied to risk and return.   
by: Doron Peleg
Aug 04, 2017
Homebuyers and investors often feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting messages from property professionals, leading them to delay taking action. If youre ready to move forward with your property goals but youre unsure what your next step is, how can you make informed, more efficient decisions?    
by: Doron Peleg
Aug 04, 2017
While property professionals and investors have become more aware of the concept ‘risk’, they often struggle to truly understand its meaning and the potential impact on their financials.

riskwise free investment calculators

To help you make smarter decisions we've created free investment overview calculators to help you understand your financial position and the risks you need to consider (Available early 2017).


cashflow calculator  

Record projected or actualrental income and costs for arealistic view of the cashflowreturn from your rentalproperty.


investment profit calculator

Reviews your capitalinvestments and associatedcosts for guidance on the realprofit of your capital property investment.


stress test calculator  

Assesses your financialposition and the impact of lifechanges due to work, family orillness which could result in income loss

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